What is fascia and why should I care about it?

Fascia is the connective tissue system inside our body. It holds us upright and plays a vital role in good posture.

Fascia creates the environment inside our body. When it is healthy it gently yet firmly holds all our other body systems in place. When the fascia is tight is places pressure on all our body systems creating a variety of problems with our health.

The interrelationship between poor posture and tight fascia plays a vital role in our overall health and experience of pain.

Fascia plays many roles in our health and wellness. Many you will learn in this class.

How does posture affect the fascia?

The fascia is constantly remolding itself and will take the shape of the postures we prefer. If our posture is less than ideal most of the time, our fascia will get thick and tight in areas that are not intended to be thick and tight. As a result, we become stuck in poor alignment.

A common example of poor posture that significantly affects the fascia is forward head posture. When the head is chronically forward from the body, thick layers of tight fascia will form on the upper back and neck keeping us permanently in this position. This extra thickness and tension will often result in pressure on muscles, nerves and circulatory structures causing decreased blood flow and pain.

The good news is that with knowledge of what good posture really is as well as time and focused effort on stretching the fascia we can reverse the damage and restore posture and our health.

Athlete standing

Good posture is so much more than just standing up straight!

Most people have no idea what it really means to have good posture and how important it really is for health and performance.

Good posture has many benefits beyond basic health for people of all ages.

Increases resistance to injury.

Increases athletic performance and the ability to exercise safely.

Reduces pain.

Improves confidence.

Decreases wear and tear on the joints.

Improves the functioning of our organs.

Improves the ability to breathe deeply.

Man sitting at computer with poor posture.

We aren't meant to sit or stand still for hours. When we must it is critical we understand how to best use our bodies. Our posture can profoundly influence our health in the moment and over time.

Boys looking at their phones
Kids and Teens

Kids are growing up with devices which is creating posture concerns even in toddlers. This course will help parents and educators understand what good posture really is and how to help kids understand how posture affects their health.

Older man painting
Older Adults

Improving posture improves health, safety, and quality of life. Improvements in posture can be made at any age. This course will show you how.

The Curriculum

  Section 1: Introduction
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  Section 2: YOUR Posture and Alignment
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  Section 3: Outside Influences on Your Posture
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  Section 4: How the Posture You Choose Influences Your Life
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  Section 5: How to Improve Your Posture and Your Alignment
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  Section 6: Wrap Up
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Meet Your Course Instructor

After teaching my clients what good posture really consist of and why it is so important, I often hear, "Why hasn't anyone ever told me this?!".

I'm passionate about great posture because it improved my life significantly. As an occupational therapist, myofascial practitioner, ergonomics and posture expert, and yoga teacher I find helping people practice better posture during daily life makes a huge difference in their health and ability to heal from pain and injury. Those who make posture improvement a priority heal faster and stay pain free.

I've been doing this work for 30 years and love that I'm able to offer my expertise to everyone through this online course.