Fascia Brings a Completely New Perspective on Fitness

Why Fascia?

Fascia, the often-overlooked network of connective tissue in our bodies, holds the key to maintaining mobility, flexibility, and strength. As we age, nurturing our fascia becomes essential to keep our bodies resilient and agile.

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Transform Your Life and Get Functionally Fit!

This course isn't just about exercise; it's a transformational experience. Say goodbye to the limitations often associated with aging and hello to a life where you move better, feel better, and live your best life.

Being fit doesn't mean looking a certain way. It means being able to do what you want or need to do to create a meaningful and satisfying life.

Here are several examples of valued future activities my clients have expressed concerns about doing well into older adulthood.

  • Easily get down on the floor and back up (to stretch, exercise, play, etc.)
  • Continue with recreational activities (golf, tennis, hiking, camping, gardening, etc.)
  • Continue to do preferred exercise (jogging, walking, weights, Pilates, yoga, etc.)
  • Travel
  • Sleep in an unfamiliar bed (hotel room or family's home)
  • Care for parents, kids, or pets
  • Sit at a computer without discomfort
  • Play with kids or pets
  • Move furniture for spring or fall cleaning
  • Carry groceries or laundry baskets
  • Vacuum the entire house without stopping
  • Squat down comfortably to reach into a cupboard
  • Go up and down stairs easily
  • Sit for a long car ride comfortably and get out of the car without difficulty
  • Be comfortable in my clothes
  • Be at a healthy weight

I don't love the gym so I designed this course to include No Gym Time.

  • Humans are designed to move throughout the day, not for short periods a few times per week.
  • Moving throughout the day leads to better wellness outcomes than moving for 30 minutes once per day!
  • By learning to integrate three key movements throughout your day while doing activities you already need or want to do, you can create a strong, resilient body without the gym.

woman squatting
Functional Squats

Learn to layer in a squatting motion during daily activities to create more lower body strength and mobility, as well as many other health benefits.

woman watering plant
Overhead Reaching

Learn to layer in more reaching and upper body weight bearing to keep the upper back, neck and shoulders healthy and mobile.

woman folding laundry on the floor
Floor Sitting

Learn how to get the benefits of floor sitting during daily activities to create core strength and other full body benefits!

Test Yourself and Gauge Your Progress!

This course includes three important tests you can do yourself to determine your functional fitness.

Repeat the tests after completing the course to gauge your progress.

You'll be excited to see how your body can change in a short time!

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Amy!

I've helped improve the lives of people with pain for over three decades. I'm an advanced myofascial release practitioner using the John F. Barnes technique. I combine this skill with my doctorate-level training as an occupational therapist and certifications in yoga, holistic stress management, Reiki, and natural movement.

During my career in healthcare and academia, I have been recognized for excellence in teaching and leadership in wellness programming. I love taking complex information and making it digestible for everyone.

My passion is assisting people with breaking the pain cycle and empowering them to take control of their pain with practical strategies that easily mesh with everyday life. 

I'm also a mom and grandma. I'm in my 50s, and my primary goals in life are staying active and pain-free, so I can keep up with my grandkids and do the work I love!

I practice what I teach!

Get Functionally Fit Starting Today!