A Beginner's Guide to

Myofascial Release Self-Treatment

How to Relieve Pain, Tension, and Stiffness Naturally and Start Feeling Better in Just Minutes

Follow along with over 20 videos to experience this gentle yet highly effective method of myofascial stretching to eliminate your pain and tension.

You also get the bonus eBook to support your learning!

Using myofascial self-treatment techniques will help to ease pain and create greater mobility to help create the foundation you need for better health and fitness!

Embark on a transformative journey towards better health and fitness with our course focused on myofascial self-treatment techniques.
This program is expertly designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to alleviate pain, enhance mobility, and build a solid foundation for overall wellness. Discover the secret to lasting relief from chronic aches and discomfort.
Our comprehensive myofascial techniques target the root causes of pain, not just the symptoms. By learning to skillfully manipulate your fascia — the connective tissue enveloping muscles and organs — you can release tension, improve blood flow, and foster healing from within. But this course offers more than just pain relief. It's a gateway to greater mobility and flexibility.
Whether you're dealing with stiffness from sedentary lifestyle habits or seeking to improve your athletic performance, these techniques are your key to unlocking a more agile and resilient body. You'll learn how to gently yet effectively stretch and strengthen your fascia, leading to improved movement range and freedom. Moreover, this isn't just a temporary fix. The skills you'll acquire are life-changing tools for sustained health and fitness. You'll be able to integrate these simple, effective treatments into your daily routine, ensuring long-term benefits and a continuous journey towards peak physical health.
Ideal for anyone seeking a natural approach to wellness, this course is especially beneficial for those looking to take proactive steps in their health journey. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, someone struggling with chronic pain, or just looking to enhance your well-being, these myofascial self-treatment techniques are a game-changer.
Don't let pain and limited mobility hold you back any longer. Join us and start building the foundation for a healthier, more vibrant you!

Yes, you will benefit from this course!

As an occupational therapist with thirty years of experience helping people eliminate pain through myofascial release, I'm excited to offer this information online to everyone! I've been teaching this class in person for years. Over and over, I hear how much people love it and continue to use the techniques at home to keep their bodies flexible and pain-free.

Now you can learn these techniques at home with an expert guide!

My unique approach to healing blends the principles of Barnes myofascial release with breathing, body alignment, natural movement, and ergonomics.

If you've tried other therapies for your pain and stiffness and are not getting the relief you desire, you likely have tension in your fascia. If your fascia is tight, it rules the tension of all your other body systems.

Release your fascia, and you will be surprised how much better you will feel!

Here's what past clients have said about myofascial self-care stretching:

  • "I really feel relaxed. So glad I found out about tight fascia!"
  • "I now understand how to use all the extra props, and I know why I have tender spots on my body."
  • "This class taught me so much more about stretching out my body. I would recommend it to anyone to help relieve pain." 
  • "Very easy to follow and extremely effective in a very short time."
  • "Wonderful workshop, [I] loved being able to control the use of the props myself and cover every area of the body. I loved learning all about the fascial system and then being able to apply that info with the awesome active stretches. Fantastic from start to finish."  
  • "Awesome tips and instructions for releasing the fascia. I found lots of trouble spots and areas I didn’t even know were tight! I feel like I will sleep like a baby tonight." 
  • "This class provides so many easy-to-do, at-home stretches to help relieve tension and tightness in the whole body."
  • "I ran 7 miles before I came. My hips and lower back hurt. I feel one thousand times better and no longer hurt." 
  • "I didn’t realize there was a better way than the foam roller! The balls in the bag are great!"
  • "I enjoyed learning ways to incorporate these stretches into my daily life in order to be able to continue the techniques I learned even with a busy small family. Thank you!" 
  • "Loved it. I have had chronic pain for years, and this helps alleviate it considerably!"  


Now YOU can learn online with me!

The Myofascial Self-Care Stretching Workshop has been my most successful in-person workshop! Now YOU can attend online and learn at YOUR pace. You get double the techniques plus three full one-hour classes helping you put the techniques together to address your individual issues.

The Beginner's Guide to Myofascial Self-Care Curriculum

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days after you enroll
  Applying the principles to stretches you can do with basic equipment anywhere.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Using simple equipment to advance your stretching skills.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Post stretching movement recommendations.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Creating your plan for healing and wellness.
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  Bonus Material! Three full length myofascial stretching classes with several new self-care releases!
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  Quiz and Certificate
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If you are currently using a foam roller and not getting the results you want, this method will get you those results more safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Health and Wellness Practitioners

You'll not only learn how to care for yourself more effectively but also how to instruct your patients to stretch themselves safely and get better results!

Participate in all the activities for 8 hours of CE! Take the quiz and print your certificate. All the info most states need for licensure in a PDF you can download.

Adults of All Ages

This method will help you live your best life by staying flexible and pain-free at any age.

Meet Your Instructor

I've been using the Barnes style of myofascial release with my clients for nearly 30 years. I combine my doctorate degree in occupational therapy with extensive training in myofascial work, ergonomics, body alignment, yoga, natural movement, and stress management to design pain management strategies that work for my clients.

My goal is to empower my clients to create a pain-free, high-quality life!

Live Your Best Life!

I use the methods I teach to keep myself flexible and strong. My main goals as I age are to be able to keep up with my grandkids and to continue the work I love.

Stop Wasting Time!

If you've tried other methods of stretching and rolling to get rid of your pain, stop those and start stretching with your fascia in mind.

If your fascia is the culprit in your pain, you are wasting your time with other methods. If your fascia is tight, it rules the shape and tension in your body. Traditional methods of stretching will NOT release your fascia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t have much time to dedicate to stretching each day; can I still be successful?

A: Yes! A little each day is still helpful. You can practice many of the stretches while doing other activities such as reading, listening to a podcast, washing dishes, or watching television.

Q: I have limited mobility. Will I be able to complete this course?

A: If you can get on the floor, you can likely do most of the activities in this course. If you are unable to get on the floor, you can adapt many of them for the wall, a chair, or another firm surface. Clients of mine who are uncomfortable getting on the floor have purchased a treatment or massage table with adjustable legs for many activities. Depending on your mobility issues, you may require one-to-one coaching.

Q: I already practice yoga; how is this different?

A: This style of stretching is somewhat similar to the Yin style of yoga. However, myofascial self-stretching also uses an entirely different set of props and a separate set of principles to follow. You’ll find myofascial self-care stretching very complementary to your yoga practice. 

Q: At my gym, I was taught to roll out my fascia with a foam roller or a Lacrosse ball. Is this the same?

A: No! You should not use hard tools aggressively on your body. This can do more harm than good. Rolling does not release fascia.  Releasing fascia requires gentleness and time. I use gentle rolling in this course to explore the body to find tender areas that need to be released. I also recommend gentle rolling after a release to mobilize tissues. But, rolling alone will not release tension in your fascia.

Q: Do I need to do these for the rest of my life? 

A: I recommend more frequent sessions at first, then slowly spread out your sessions until you find the correct dose for you. Life keeps putting tension into our bodies unless we change our lifestyle dramatically.

Q: How often do I need to do these releases? 

I would recommend practicing your self-care routine as often as possible in the beginning. If you have more intensity upfront, you can slowly spread out your sessions as time goes on until you find your correct dose. Unless you dramatically change your lifestyle, you’ll never be completely free from some tension. Don’t think of myofascial self-care as a sentence but a treat for your body and genuine “me-time” to relax.

Q: How do I know which ones I should do?

A: Most of the stretches and releases will correspond with where you experience pain or tension. For example, if your neck is constantly sore, you could start with the 3 Phase Neck Stretch. However, don’t stop there! You will be surprised what working on the upper back and shoulders can do for the neck!

Q: Can I do it too much?

A: As long as you’re gentle, no! I encourage you to try working stretches or releases into your daily routine at home or even the workplace!

Q: Can my kids do this with me?

A: I recommend ages ten and up. There is no quality guiding research here, but younger kids are naturally more hydrated and flexible. If you notice posture issues, then they may benefit or if they are very inactive.

Q: I’m a health or wellness professional; can I use this course for continuing education credit?

A: This course offers eight (8) hours of didactic and experiential learning once all the exercises, readings, videos, and bonus classes are completed. This course has not been preapproved by an accrediting agency for continuing education but does meet the basic requirements for continuing education credit for most states for occupational, physical, and speech therapists. Many other professions may use this course for continuing education credit as well. It is suggested that you review your state, national, or other governing body requirements before submitting this course for credit.

Q: I work out three times a week; should I do these stretches before or after my workout?

A: It is not recommended you do a heavy workout after myofascial stretching, but it is OK to workout BEFORE you do this style of stretching . This style of stretching changes the length and shape of your connective tissue, which can influence your coordination and strength. However, I recommend gentle movement such as walking or doing light chores around the house to integrate the changes in your body.