The Myofascial Principles

The techniques we'll use are based on the Barnes myofascial treatment principles. You'll learn to follow the same principles I use to treat my clients to treat yourself. I've added a few more principles to further increase the benefits during self-treatment.

Is this Class Right for You?

The information in this workshop can be adjusted for anyone. If you have a complicated medical history, you can still learn a lot from this workshop. You may need to apply come extra caution if you are very sensitive or fragile. I address these in the course.

If you can get onto the floor, you can follow along with this course.

Yes! You will benefit from this workshop!

As an occupational therapist and myofascial practitioner with over thirty years of experience helping people eliminate pain through myofascial release, I'm excited to offer this information online to everyone! I've been teaching this class in person for years. Over and over, I hear how much people love it and continue to use the techniques at home to keep their bodies flexible and pain-free.

Workshop Replay

This is a replay of my flagship and favorite workshop I teach. The workshop is two hours of head to toes myofascial self-treatment. I taught this workshop live for an in-person and an online group.

You'll need some simple tools to participate, and you can find a description and links inside the course. I'm pictured with the tools above.

I not only teach these techniques, I use them regularly myself. As a busy woman in my 50s, I love how great these techniques make me feel!

I'm confident they will help you too!


If you are currently using a foam roller and not getting the results you want, this method will get you those results more safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Health and Wellness Practitioners

You'll not only learn how to care for yourself more effectively but also how to instruct your patients to stretch themselves safely and get better results!

Adults of all Ages

This method will help you live your best life by staying flexible and pain-free at any age.

Replay Clip

Here's clip of how to do the hip release so you can see how we've captured the workshop. You'll get a demonstration of each of the techniques we teach from head to toes plus lots of great cueing. I also share many fascia facts to help you understand how this technique works!

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