Introduction to the course.

Welcome to...

A Beginner's Guide to Myofascial Release Self-Care: How to Relieve Pain, Tension, and Stiffness Naturally and Start Feeling Better in Just Minutes!

I'm excited to share my expertise and support your healing with this course!

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Stretch your body safely while applying the principles of myofascial release.
  • Use simple equipment to take your stretching even deeper.
  • Create a myofascial self-care routine designed for your specific body issues. 
  • Move better and feel great!

You will start by learning how to keep yourself safe when trying this style of self-care. Please don't skip over any of the introductory information. It's all meant to make sure you have the best possible experience. There is no fluff in this course! We will then review the principles of myofascial stretching. After that, you're ready to start practicing myofascial self-care stretching! The first set of stretches you'll learn don't require any equipment so you can jump right in.

You may want to decide what equipment you need early on to continue into the second set of releases. You'll want to be sure you have the equipment ready to go when you get there. You won't want to miss out! This method of self-care stretching feels amazing!

Finally, we'll wrap up with ideas on how to move forward and keep your body feeling great!

Have fun!

A Special Note to My Fellow Rehabilitation Professionals

This course is designed for the public but contains information that is also very new to most health and wellness professionals. Therefore is appropriate for continuing education. We were not taught about the importance of fascia in our education. Depending on when you went to school the world may not have known how important fascia would become in understanding the human body. The research is pouring out and will profoundly impact how we treat our clients and patients, and shape the recommendations we provide to them on how to care for themselves.

If you wish to learn more about fascia, please see my additional courses for greater depth and application to rehabilitation. Treating your patients with their fascia in mind will change things dramatically.

Therapists and nurses are the most commonly injured professions in the health industry. Therapists often want to exit direct patient care not because we don't love what we do, but sometimes because our bodies just can't do it anymore. For now, spend your time in this course learning to treat yourself with your fascia in mind and change your own experience of life.

Participate in all the learning activities in this course for 8 hours of education. Take the quiz and print your certificate! I also provide you with a PDF of all the information most states require for licensure.

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