Safety first!

Please read this page carefully and proceed through this course with caution!

It is strongly recommended you consult with your primary health practitioner before starting any new exercise or stretching program. *

Here are some additional recommendations before proceeding with this course.

  • Ease up or stop immediately if you feel sharp pain that makes you tense up or want to hold your breath.
  • Be aware of discomfort or tenderness. Any tenderness should feel therapeutic. 
  • BE VERY CAREFUL if you have injuries or scars that are not fully healed. You should NOT work in those areas of your body until they are fully healed.
  • Follow any precautions or limitations your healthcare practitioner has given you.
  • Stay away from boney areas if you have osteoporosis. 
  • Be extra gentle if you are taking blood thinners.
  • Use the recommended equipment for this course. Using tools that are too hard can be damaging to your tissues.

*Proceeding with this program indicates you understand and agree to the above and will follow the principles provided in this course.

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