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We are occupational therapists who specialize in myofascial release. We have decades of experience to share with you. Our mission is to help everyone understand how fascia influences health and our experience of pain. Understanding your fascia and how to keep it healthy can dramatically improve your quality of life!

The Fascia Gives Us an Entirely New Understanding of the Human Body

A Body that Gives YOU Tremendous Power to Change

Fascia responds to consistency over intensity!

Small changes consistently yield far better results than intense and invasive approaches.

Where should you start?

STOP Spending Time and Money on Outdated, Expensive and Dangerous Approaches to "Health"

There are still many outdated and aggressive approaches to looking, functioning and feeling better. Many are ineffective and even dangerous for people who have stiff fascia or poor posture.

Stop doing:

  • Dangerous exercises
  • Endless cardio
  • Techniques that don't address your soft tissues (fascia)
  • Invasive procedure and taking powerful pain medications

Change and healing can and should be gentle. When you understand fascia, you know your body can change at any age.

You can keep spending thousands of dollars on outdated practices or invest in yourself and learn how fascia can change your future.

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Your Instructor

Amy Mayer OTD, OTR/L, RYT, MCT

Amy has helped improve the lives of people with pain for nearly three decades. She is an advanced myofascial release practitioner who blends fascia-science with the latest hands-on approaches. She combines this skill with her doctorate level training as an occupational therapist, and certifications in yoga, holistic stress management, Reiki and natural movement.

During her career she has been recognized for her excellence in teaching in higher education, and her leadership in wellness programming. Her passion is assisting people with breaking the pain cycle and empowering them to take control over their lives with practical strategies that easily mesh with everyday life. 

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"Dr. Mayer is so incredibly knowledgeable, I learned so much about fascia and it’s function that I can now confidently pass it along to patients and friends and family."

- Jennie O.