Myofascial Stretching Mini Course

This mini-course introduces the concept of fascia-focused stretching. You'll learn the basics about the myofascial principles and how to apply them to reduce the tension in your fascia. Reducing tension in the fascia has many health benefits, including improved mobility and pain reduction.

Who should take this course?

I have been using myofascial release with my clients for nearly thirty years. Over that time, I have worked with the very young to the very old. I have worked with athletes to people with very sedentary jobs and lifestyles. Regardless of age or lifestyle, we all have the potential to have tension in our fascia. This tension causes pressure on all our other body systems resulting in a wide variety of problems.

Everyone can benefit from understanding how to apply myofascial principles to stretching. Removing tension from the fascia can improve the health and function of all our body systems!

If you are curious about fascia, start with this mini-course or jump right into my full course.

A Complete Guide to Myofascial Self-Care

How to Relieve Pain, Tension, and Stiffness Naturally and Start Feeling Better in Just Minutes

This course is closed for enrollment.

Myofascial Self-Care

In this course, I'll show you how to apply the principles I use with my clients to yourself. You'll learn the same stretching techniques I give my clients as homework to improve mobility and reduce pain. You'll learn to use simple tools to reach deep into your body to maximize your results!