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Innovation, and Excitement in Your Practice

with Fascia Science


Most practitioners have heard of myofascial release, but few are aware of the current research related to the fascial system and all it is responsible for in the human body!

This course will EXPAND your expertise in how the human body functions!


The National Institute of Health is spending millions of dollars on innovating methods to objectively measure the health of fascia.
We can use this science to innovate new intervention strategies in all practice areas across the lifespan.
As you integrate the science in this course with your existing expertise you will find yourself on a course of innovation!


We love creating professional development that provide unique opportunities to grow you and your practice.

Professional development should do more than just meet your license requirements.

We're Bringing the Science!

Take a peek at the 15 pages of references we've gathered and used to create this course!

If you were to take the time to read and digest this content, you'd spend weeks, months or even years processing this information costing you more in time than you likely have to spare.

I'm providing you with the details you need to know and blending them with my 30+ years of teaching and practice experience. If you hired and paid me for the hours put into the development of this course, it would cost you thousands!

My mission is to create fascia-informed therapists so I'm putting it out there at a VERY reasonable investment, so it is accessible to as many OTPs as possible.

We don't just read the research.

We put it into action!

Yes. We attend conferences and webinars led by researchers from all over the world.
Yes. We travel all over the country speaking to practitioners about how to apply the science.
And YES, we APPLY the science in our practice with real clients every day!
Current Research

My passion is keeping up with the latest research on fascia that relates to OT practice.

In this course I share the research you need to know to support your practice choices and be able to confidently explain them to your patients and your referral sources.


I integrate the knowledge of fascia into my clinical practice daily.

In this course I will show you how the science of fascia can guide and support our professional practice choices.


Teaching other professionals about fascia and how it can influence our practice is my mission.

My goal is for you to enjoy this course and feel reenergized with a new way to view the human body and your practice.

This information fills in the gaps of our understanding of the human body!

First you learn the anatomy and physiology. Then you learn how to put it into practice.

Curriculum Preview

  Welcome! The Evolution of our Understanding and Introduction to Fascia Wellness
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days after you enroll
  Fascia's Amazing Structures and Functions
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Observation and Assessment of the Fascia
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How We Can Influence the Fascia and Keep it Well
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  Let's Be Part of the Conversation!
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  Resources for Continued Learning
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  Quiz and Certificate
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Learning Anatomy

Education has made huge advances in HOW we teach but lag behind in WHAT we teach.

Limited Understanding of Fascia’s Dynamic Role: Traditional teachings often overlook fascia’s critical roles in communication, proprioception, and immune function.

Emerging Research: Recent studies highlight fascia’s involvement in chronic pain, systemic inflammation, and overall mobility, yet these insights are not widely taught.

Integrated Approaches: The integration of fascia science into holistic approaches, combining manual therapy, movement, and lifestyle modifications, is rarely covered in current curricula.

Interdisciplinary Benefits: Understanding fascia can enhance collaboration between different healthcare disciplines, leading to more comprehensive patient care.

Technological Advances: Innovations like ultrasound elastography and fascia-focused MRI are revolutionizing our understanding of fascia but are not commonly included in educational programs.

Patient Education: Empowering patients with knowledge about their fascia can enhance compliance and outcomes, an aspect often neglected in traditional teaching.

Why did I create all this?

Fascia and Fascia Science Changed the Trajectory of My Occupational Therapy Career

Thirty-two years ago I was taught myofascial techniques by a senior colleague. This experience confused me since fascia was something we threw away during our dissection lab and we were not taught anything about its relevance to our practice. My experience with fascia set me on a 30-year journey in understanding what it is and how it can help us achieve better health and function.

Fascia science is so much more than a technique. I have learned so much and want to continue to propel my profession and all the professions we work with forward in our understanding of the human anatomy and function.

Your Investment in Your Professional Development

10 Hours of High-Quality CE

Full 90-Day Guarantee!

We know you are busy, so we’ll give you three full months to get through the course.

If after you complete the course, you haven’t learned something new that you can apply to yourself or your practice, we’ll give you a full refund. We are so sure you’ll learn something you’ll use from this course that we’ll give you 100% of your money back. 

Bonus #1

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Connect with like-minded practitioners.

Innovate with practitioners in your practice area.

Bonus #2

We've added three months of live mentoring membership FREE!

You can jump on a Zoom call once per month to join the Q and A and discuss new information in the world of fascia science and its application. Members can also submit questions and topics for me to research for upcoming sessions.

Bonus #3

Huge Discounts on Practitioner Facing Courses in Our Library

When you enroll in this course, you'll be offered huge discounts on all our other courses you can use any time. We are so sure you'll love this course that you'll want more ways you can elevate your practice and improve your outcomes via fascia science!!

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Learning Objectives:

After the completion of:

Integrating Fascia Science into Occupational Therapy Practice: Elevating Our Understanding of the Human Body and Improving Our Outcomes

Learners will be able to:

  • Identify and describe the anatomical structures and physiological functions of fascia.
  • Explain how fascia contributes to force distribution, coordinated movement, efficient movement, protection, proprioception, interoception, pain perception, and immune system function.
  • Implement skills in observing and assessing the condition of the fascia, understanding the implications of fascial tension.
  • Develop skills in explaining fascia and its interrelationship with other body systems as means for communicating with patients and other healthcare providers.
  • Apply professional and self-care techniques within the occupational therapy scope of practice that focus on fascial health and wellness and support functional outcomes.

Quiz at completion with a certificate for 10 hours of CE.

Continuing Education Credit FAQ

How many CE hours will I get for completing this course?

We estimate this course will take approximately 10 hours to complete. This includes all the readings, activities and videos.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes! Once the course and the quiz are completed, you will atomically receive a certificate.

Can I use this course for NBCOT renewal?

Yes! Our courses meet the requirement s for NBCOT Certification Renewal Requirements ID #18 or #19.

Can I use this course to renew my state license?

Our courses meet state licensure requirements. However, these can change, and it is up to each participant to know their requirements. You can find your state by logging into AOTA or searching "your state, occupational therapy, licensure renewal requirements".

The state of Nebraska example:

008.01(B) WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS, WEBINARS AND CONFERENCES. The content of the continuing education activity must relate to occupational therapy whether the subject is research, treatment, documentation, or education management, and includes monitored videotapes, and in-service programs. Documentation must include a certificate of attendance and a program outline or objectives. One hour for each hour of attendance.

Are your courses AOTA approved?

Not at this time. Being an AOTA approved provider is not a requirement for CE credit (and it is a very expensive process). As a small CE provider, we do hope to go through this process in the near future but for now we want to keep creating great courses!