Unlock Optimal Health for Your Clients

We designed this easy-to-use science backed assessment to give practitioners 16 clear and objective landmarks for determining healthy posture.

Improve your documentation and ability to demonstrate progress.

Improve your treatment planning with clear insights into posture issues that are contributing to pain and loss of function.

Empower your clients with a visual representation of their posture and alignment. This powerful tool fosters client understanding, engagement, and compliance with your recommendations for lasting results.

Appropriate for most every practice area!

This assessment is part of our larger course, The Occupational Therapy Practitioner's Guide to Posture: A Fascia Informed approach.

Consider taking the entire course if you want more information about:

  • The connection of posture to health and function and how to communicate these to your client.
  • How to strategically create a plan for posture improvement your client will follow.
  • Specific stretches and movements to correct specific posture issues.

Download and start using your assessment today!