Why an eBook?

This ebook is based on a highly successful workshop I've been teaching for many years. My clients are continually amazed at how great they feel after applying these techniques in the workshop. A common response is "Why don't people know about this?!?".

This ebook is a product of many years of experience and a desire to get basic information about fascia and myofascial self-care to as many people as possible. We have so much pain and discomfort in our society as a result of how we live. There is help.

This ebook is a downloadable PDF that you can use in this site or save to your phone or computer, or print and use anywhere.

About the eBook

Fascia is the new frontier in understanding the human body. Tight fascia can put pressure on all our body systems, creating problems and symptoms that traditional medicine can’t explain. J.F. Barnes myofascial release practitioners have understood for decades how effective myofascial release is for people with pain. Science is finally catching up. Whether you have pain that is vaguely annoying or chronic pain that has been affecting your life for years, myofascial release can help.

This book provides a simple and easy-to-understand look at fascia, the principles of myofascial release therapy, and how to apply them so you can treat yourself. The author expands on the basic principles with her many years of experience as a healthcare provider, yoga instructor, and expert in posture and body alignment. You will take the principles she uses with her clients and apply them to yourself.

In this book, you will find step-by-step instructions with pictures so you can follow along and find the relief you are searching for. You will also be guided to make simple adjustments, adaptations and use simple tools to get the just-right release for your body. We are not all the same and need an individualized approach to addressing our pain. With the right guidance and some simple tools, you can reach places in YOUR body and finally find relief.

Myofascial Stretches

You will learn how to apply myofascial release principles to simple stretches to make them far more effective than traditional stretching. The ebook contains 10 different stretches you can do anywhere without equipment.

Myofascial Self-Releases

You will learn how to use simple equipment to press into your body following the same principles a myofascial therapist uses during treatment. The ebook contains 11 releases for the entire body.

About the Author

I've been using the Barnes style of myofascial release with my clients for nearly thirty years and have treated hundreds of clients.

I combine my doctorate degree in occupational therapy with extensive training in myofascial work, ergonomics, body alignment, yoga, natural movement, and stress management to design pain management strategies that work for my clients.

My goal is to empower my clients to create a pain-free, high-quality life!